Join us on a journey through time and taste the legacy that is 1880 Beef.

1880 Beef is rooted in seven generations of tradition (dating back to 1880 to be exact). We are proud to offer our premium Black Angus beef that has been perfected over the years. Each cut we sell is aged for a minimum of 21 days in USDA certified facilities, ensuring a taste that speaks to our rich heritage. From meticulous care on lush prairie land to expert craftsmanship, we invite you to savor the legacy and dedication in every tender, flavorful cut.

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Shipping Available Nation Wide. Or Pick Up your 1880 Beef Order

Our beef is processed in USDA facilities which means we can ship nationwide. We ship Monday-Friday (noon cut off for shipping on Friday Orders).

We have pick up options available at our Manhattan, Kansas, office Monday and Wednesday from 9am-1pm.

3214 Kimball Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502. 

Call us to arrange a time: 785-560-1880.

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  • Premium Beef. Born Here. Raised Here.

    Our animals are not just raised on our ranch; they are born here grazing on the lush, tall grass prairie that surrounds us before being grain-finished on the ranch. We uphold stringent standards for the care and feeding of our Black Angus Cattle everyday.

  • Seven Generations of Stewardship

    Our cattle are raised on the same land where our ancestors before us tended their herds. Our commitment is to the principles of hard work coupled with responsible stewardship of our cattle and land. This unwavering dedication ensures that we deliver premium quality beef, a tradition that defines 1880 Beef.

  • Grass Fed, Grain Fininshed

    Situated near abundant spring water and among the nutritious tall grass prairie region known as the Flint Hills, our Black Angus cattle are meticulously cared for across our lush native prairieland and fed  within our family's own feeding facility to create a truly mouthwatering premium beef experience full of flavor and tenderness.